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American / National Men's League

The Indian Creek Men's League is played on Monday Nights with tee times starting at 5pm. The League is made up of 16 teams that compete in 2 divisions, The American & The National Divisions. Our Champs of 2017 were: American League --- Stiff Shafts National League --- What Would Phil Dunphy Do? Superbowl Champions --- The Hacks. If you are interested in joining please contact James Rolls, PGA or Kyle Bullerman, PGA at 402-289-0900 ext 5.

08-14-20182018 Tentative Mens League Schedule .xls
08-14-2018NL Team Standings.xls
08-14-2018NL Individual Results.xls
08-14-2018NL Net Skins.xls
08-14-2018NL Gross Skins.xls
08-14-2018AL Team Standings.xls
08-14-2018AL Individual Results.xls
08-14-2018AL Net Skins.xls
08-14-2018AL Gross Skins.xls

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